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What bands and singers others like!

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What bands and singers others like!

Post by Roxy on Sun Jun 26, 2016 4:46 pm

Here you can reply with a band/singer you like!
You can make a long list, but I ask that you put the genre next to it.
if you don't know the genre, But "Unknown" (put the singer/band then the genre)
Here are some of mine!!!

The Agonist <3 - Screamo (Pfft, I like their old singer more -.- but I fangirl over her)

Eminem- Rap (Fangirl over him XD)

Escape The Fate- Screamo (If you prefer, Emo) (Just listen to it, Nothing else really, just like the songs)

Falling In Reverse- Screamo (if you prefer, Emo) (Just listen to it, Nothing else really, Just like the songs)

Lil' Wayne- Rap (Just listen to him really)

Cult To Follow- Don't really know what genre, but the only song I've heard from them is "Leave It All Behind"

Bmike-  Rap (just listen to him)

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