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Kyra // Female // Alaskan Husky

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Kyra // Female // Alaskan Husky

Post by Kyra on Mon May 16, 2016 11:49 am

~~Prefers males~~
~~Alaskan Husky~~

Kyra was born into a litter of 4, but only she and her brother, Archer, were bought by a family outside of Alaska. Kyra, however, has something wrong with her : she's deaf. Archer is her ears and voice when it comes to other canines, and her humans had to figure out how to communicate with her. When she and Archer were a year old, they were sold to a family outside of their birthplace of Nome, Alaska. The siblings have then taken to learning hand signals from their new humans, so Archer knows what they need his sister to do and she understands, though the humans still speak to the male. Kyra and her brother now work as herding dogs for a small family of four in the countryside, about 3 miles away from their neighbors. The Alaskan huskies quickly adapted to their new environment, and act as though they were born and raised here. Kyra has, however, come up with her own ways of working that don't require the sense of hearing, making herself useful around the property. At the age of a year, she had fallen for a German shepherd a couple farms down and borne a litter with him a few months later. However, just days after they lost two of their pups, and the father died with them when he was trying to get them to his farm to raise there. He wasn't aware of a car heading his way, and by the time he was, it was too late for the three. This sent Kyra into depression and Archer is often caring for her remaining puppy instead of the mother.

Kyra has a seemingly pure white coat, though with pale, hardly noticeable gray on the canine's back. Kyra has a pale blue bandana, the color of her eyes, tied around her neck with her name and the word 'deaf' stitched in neon green. Her coat is medium-length and has a soft, smooth texture, due to often being washed after working in the fields all day. Her ears are clipped to stick up, to make it look like she's alert, though her ears are useless. Her tail is in the natural style, falling just below her knees and occasionally dragging when stalking through the fields. Her weight is the healthy minimum of 35 lbs, and she stands at 20 inches at the shoulder.

Kyra is protective, loyal, friendly, welcoming, careful, observant, and clever


Mother : Aisha, female, Alaskan Husky. She's the typical coloring with beautiful amber eyes

Father : Loki, male, Alaskan Husky. Like Aisha, he's the typical color, however the black is about a shade or two darker. He has magnificent baby blue eyes, the same color the litter developed.

Archer, male

Pierce, male

Kora, female

Shard, male {Deceased}


Raiya, female

Alaska, female {Deceased}

Bullet, male {Deceased}

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Re: Kyra // Female // Alaskan Husky

Post by Roxy on Mon May 16, 2016 2:56 pm

Accepted! But, for your pups, is appears some of the code didn't work
Raiya, female"
Right there XD
When that is fixed accepted!

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Re: Kyra // Female // Alaskan Husky

Post by Kyra on Mon May 16, 2016 5:07 pm


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Re: Kyra // Female // Alaskan Husky

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